NOV 2018 – OCT 2019

During my time as a student assistant for HPS IT Services, I was asked to refresh the various public-facing touchpoints of our department, particularly in our computer lab and lab classrooms, which experienced high student traffic. These touchpoints included digital signage, posters, lab wallpaper, as well as several webpages on our website. I was required to work within UNT's established brand guidelines on color, typography, and logo placement. Below are some of the branding artifacts I designed.

To boost visibility of the services we offered to students, management wanted to completely rebrand our hallway station. We replaced the small cart we had with a large booth that displayed our contact information and digital signage.

As the designer, I was required to work with UNT's branding department to ensure the booth met university brand standards, as well as ensure my deliverables adhered to the vendor's specs required for fabrication. We iterated through several prototypes before landing on the final design; after it was fabricated, I travelled with my manager to the shop to inspect the product before it was brought to its final location in our building.

I also redesigned three informational webpages for the department, including the page listing our location and hours, our list of available software, as well as the information page for our laptop checkout service.